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Goethe's Faust
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
ISBN: 1342438868
Pages: 238
Year: 2015-09-12
View: 301
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Author: Georg Buchner
Publisher: Alma Books
ISBN: 0714547603
Pages: 65
Year: 2018-01-01
View: 881
Read: 1187
Set against the strikingly beautiful backdrop of the Vosges mountains, Lenz tells the tale of the real-life writer J.M.R. Lenz's nineteen-day stay in Waldersbach in 1778, describing his wanderings around the mountainous surroundings and his worsening fits of madness, eventually culminating in his removal, under guard, to Strasbourg.Valued both as a chillingly convincing exploration of the reality of paranoid schizophrenia and an influential forerunner of literary modernism, this existential drama boasts a prose style startlingly ahead of its time and is a truly original work of literature.
The Serapion Brethren
Author: Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
Year: 1892
View: 676
Read: 1228

Author: Terence Blacker
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448188903
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-10-05
View: 506
Read: 905
Matthew’s American cousin comes to live with them: Sam’s small, blond and wild – with a giant attitude problem. He immediately starts to wreak havoc on Matthew’s social life – getting into fights with his friends and causing a scene whenever they go out. School is about to start and Matthew and his friends don’t want these problems to continue, so they come up with a plan for Sam to prove his loyalty to their gang and to trick the mean girls at school. They dare Sam to go to school for the first week as a girl. Told from the viewpoint of each of the characters – some funny, some conceited, some achingly sad.
Debit and Credit
Author: Gustav Freytag, Christian Karl Josias Freiherr von Bunsen
Pages: 564
Year: 1909
View: 839
Read: 1276

The Golden Pot and Other Tales
Author: E. T. A. Hoffmann
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0192837230
Pages: 410
Year: 2000
View: 387
Read: 226
This is a new translation of five of Hoffmann's most celebrated tales: The Golden Pot; The Sandman; Princess Brambilla; Master Flea; and My Cousin's Corner Window. The detailed introduction places the stories in their intellectual and historical context and explores their compelling narrative complexities.
The Meaning of Madness
Author: Neel Burton
ISBN: 0992912733
Pages: 220
Year: 2015-10-01
View: 967
Read: 955
This new edition of "The Meaning of Madness" addresses some of the difficult but important questions about schizophrenia and mental health. It provides a highly readable insight into the world of mental disorder.
The Age of the Fish
Author: Ödön von Horváth
Pages: 206
Year: 1978
View: 916
Read: 1146

Goethe: Life as a Work of Art
Author: Rüdiger Safranski
Publisher: Liveright Publishing
ISBN: 0871404915
Pages: 704
Year: 2017-05-16
View: 210
Read: 915
This sterling biography of Germany’s greatest writer presents Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as if we are seeing him for the first time. The work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has reverberated through two and a half centuries, altering the course of literature in ways both grand and intimate. No other writer so completely captivated the intellectual life of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Europe, putting into language the anxieties and ambitions of a civilization on the cusp of modernity. A literary celebrity by the age of twenty-five, Goethe, who was born in Frankfurt in 1749, attracted the adulation and respect of the greatest scientists, politicians, composers, and philosophers of his day. Schoolboys dressed like his fictional characters. Napoleon read his first novel obsessively. He was an astoundingly prolific writer, a master of many genres, from poetry to scientific treatises, from novels like the tragic Sorrows of Young Werther to dramatic works like Faust. Indeed, Goethe’s unparalleled literary output would come to define the Romantic age. Rüdiger Safranski’s Goethe: Life as a Work of Art is the first definitive biography in a generation to tell the larger-than-life story of the writer considered to be the Shakespeare of German literature. Drawing upon the trove of letters, diaries, and notebooks Goethe left behind, as well as correspondence and criticism from Goethe’s contemporaries, Safranski weaves a rich tale of Europe in the throes of revolution and of the man whose ideas heralded a new era. Safranski’s monumental biography is a careful survey of Goethe’s wide-ranging genius. Beyond his incredible literary gifts, Goethe was intensely interested in natural science and took seriously his official post as a statesman, working tirelessly to ensure that the working poor received wages and daily bread. With grace and nuance, Safranski crafts a portrait of Goethe’s inner life that illuminates both his written work and the turmoil and triumphs of his era. Safranski shows that reading Goethe affords not simply an encounter with a literary virtuoso but an opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of the human condition. Goethe was writing in the midst of a dramatic and bloody time for Europe: the revolutions in France and America overturned the old regimes and introduced new ways of thinking about the world. Set against this backdrop, Goethe’s life and work serve as an essential touchstone for the birth of the modern age. But as Safranski ultimately shows, Goethe’s greatest creation was not only his literary masterpieces but his very life.
The Monk's Wedding
Author: Conrad Ferdinand Meyer
Pages: 169
Year: 1887
View: 599
Read: 1164

Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
ISBN: 1406807532
Pages: 176
Year: 2006-08
View: 754
Read: 908

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
Author: Tom Franklin
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062048740
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-10-05
View: 1301
Read: 663
“The classic trifecta of talent, heart, and a bone-deep sense of storytelling….A masterful performance, deftly rendered and deeply satisfying. For days on end, I woke with this story on my mind.” — David Wroblewski “A new Tom Franklin novel is always a reason to get excited, but Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is more—a cause for celebration. What a great novel by a great novelist.” —Dennis Lehane A powerful and resonant novel from Tom Franklin—critically acclaimed author of Smonk and Hell at the Breech—Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter tells the riveting story of two boyhood friends, torn apart by circumstance, who are brought together again by a terrible crime in a small Mississippi town. An extraordinary novel that seamlessly blends elements of crime and Southern literary fiction, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is a must for readers of Larry Brown, Pete Dexter, Ron Rash, and Dennis Lehane.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Penguin Global
ISBN: 0141197307
Pages: 181
Year: 2012
View: 672
Read: 772
The art of Yayoi Kusama complements the text of Carroll's classic story about a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical characters.