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Filthy Seal
Author: Amy Brent
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548309761
Pages: 488
Year: 2017-06-25
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A SEAL's life is tough. I'm a single dad now and have to leave the tragedy in the past. The hot nineteen-year-old next door is just what I need. I know. It's wrong. It's filthy. But I need filthy.
The fur seals and fur-seal islands of the North Pacific ocean
Author: United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Commission on Fur-seal Investigations, David Starr Jordan, Leonhard Hess Stejneger, George Archibald Clark, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
Year: 1898
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The Fur Seals and Fur-seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean: The history, condition, and needs of the herd of fur seals resorting to the Pribilof Islands
Author: United States. Commission on Fur-Seal Investigations, David Starr Jordan, Leonhard Stejneger, George Archibald Clark
Year: 1898
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Six Days of Impossible
Author: Robert Adams
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525504444
Pages: 222
Year: 2017-11-06
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Hell Week has never been described so effectively. Six days in Hell define every SEAL that moves past the point of no return in their minds. Robert Adams, MD brings the experiences of his classmates into view with real, difficult to believe experiences, described in frightening detail by the men that lived through the frigid cold, filthy muddy days, and body destroying events of a winter Hell Week. Eleven of seventy men went on to graduate and serve over 40 years in almost every SEAL or UDT team with honor. Read their real time story and learn why these eleven men succeeded when so many others failed. Colonel Robert Adams, MD, MBA served fourteen years in the Navy (12 as a SEAL) and eighteen years in the Army. He changed services to attend medical school, and applies his analytical skill to look back at the men that shivered and struggled through Hell Week together. He brings decades of insight learned caring for others to an insightful analysis of why the men of his BUD/S class 81 achieved the improbable.
SEAL of Approval
Author: Lynn Faye, Sarah Brooks
ISBN: 1548245305
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-06-20
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This is my rifle, this is my gun,the one in my pants, well that one's for fun.They call me the bad boy. The rebel. The player.The one who'll never fit their image of a perfect billionaire son.My father hates me.My brother despises me.Even my mother has given up hope I'll dedicate my life to the family business.So I said f&ck it and left home to join the SEALs.That pretty much ended my relationship with my family for good.At least, I thought it did.Until my perfect brother heartlessly divorced his beautiful, sinfully tempting wife.Maybe it's my army training, something we call loyalty, but that just doesn't sit right with me.So when she comes to me for help, I'm listening.I never could have guessed what she'd ask.She wants me to marry her! Make her mine!So she can keep her daughter.I didn't ask for this.But Kirsten makes my soldier salute as soon as she walks in the room.Her body is a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at my heart.This mission is risky. Dangerous.Maybe even lethal.But all's fair in love and war.
The Raven's Seal
Author: Andrei Baltakmens
Publisher: Top Five Books LLC
ISBN: 0985278765
Pages: 416
Year: 2012-11
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When the body of Thaddeus Grainger’s rival turns up stabbed to death in an alley just hours after their inconclusive duel, only one suspect comes to mind. Charged with murder, Grainger’s fate is sealed before his trial even begins. A young gentleman of means but of meaningless pursuits, Grainger is cast into the notorious Bellstrom Gaol, where he must quickly learn to survive in the filthy, ramshackle prison. The “Bells”—where debtors, gaolers, whores, thieves, and murderers all mix freely and where every privilege comes at a price—will be the young man’s home for the rest of his life unless he can prove his innocence. But his friends, the journalist William Quillby and Cassie Redruth, the poor young girl who owes Grainger a debt of gratitude, refuse to abandon him. Before they can win his freedom, however, they must decode the meaning behind the crude wax seal that inspires terror in those who know its portent and contend with forces both inside and outside the prison determined to keep Grainger behind bars. Set against the urban backdrop of late 18th-century England, The Raven’s Seal unravels a tale of corruption, betrayal, murder, and—ultimately—redemption and love. Praise for The Raven’s Seal: “Baltakmens captures the flavor and scope of classic British fiction.” —Kirkus Reviews “This atmospheric, character-driven, and plot-twisty bildungsroman is a worthy paean to Oliver Twist and Great Expectations.” —Booklist “Baltakmens gives readers of The Raven’s Seal all of the history and the mystery his subtitle promises. The mood, color, details, and dialogue come across as very authentic . . . [his] characters would not be out of place in a work of DeFoe or Thackeray. In fact, there is much of the latter’s Barry Lyndon here, with its plots and duels and confidence games, as well as deft touches of the former’s Moll Flanders, with its bawdy wenches, prison intrigues, and period squalor.” —ForeWord “The author’s exquisite prose rushes along full of surprises, shadows, betrayal, and squalid situations where the high-born and criminals intermix. A superb mystery with vibrant characters.” —Historical Novels Review
SEAL of God
Author: Chad Williams
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1414374178
Pages: 304
Year: 2012-04-19
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Days before Chad Williams was to report to military duty in Great Lakes, Illinois, he turned on a television and was greeted with the horrifying images of his mentor, US Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston, being brutally murdered in a premeditated ambush on the roads of Fallujah, Iraq. Steeled in his resolve, Chad followed in Scott’s footsteps and completed the US military’s most difficult and grueling training to become a Navy SEAL. One of only 13 from a class of 173 to make it straight through to graduation, Chad served his country on SEAL Teams One and Seven for five years, completing tours of duty in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Iraq. Part memoir, part evangelism piece, SEAL of God follows Chad’s journey through the grueling Naval Ops training and onto the streets of Iraq, where he witnessed the horrors of war up close. Along the way, Chad shares his own radical conversion story and talks about how he draws on his own experiences as a SEAL to help others better understand the depths of Christ’s sacrifice and love.
Combat Swimmer
Author: Robert A. Gormly
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101459948
Pages: 320
Year: 2010-08-03
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For the first time in trade paperback-a classic memoir of Navy SEALs in action. In gripping prose, Captain Robert A. Gormly tells about his days as a leader in the Navy SEALs- taking readers into the night, into the water, and into battle on some of the most hair-raising missions ever assigned. Trained to a fine fighting edge just in time for Vietnam, Gormly served two tours of duty and engaged in top-secret missions in the Persian Gulf. Here, he shares his viewpoint and his experience-including what is perhaps the most graphic description ever of SEAL action in the invasion of Grenada. Gormly takes readers behind the myth of this awesome team, revealing how their lives depend on their unprecedented expertise and unparalleled courage.

Selection of Voyages and Travels by the Most Enterprising Navigators and Travellers
Author: Christopher Kelly
Pages: 862
Year: 1838
View: 558
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Impossible Odds
Author: Jessica Buchanan, Erik Landemalm, Anthony Flacco
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476725160
Pages: 310
Year: 2013-05-14
View: 853
Read: 1127
An account of the aid worker co-author's dramatic January 2012 rescue from kidnappers in Somalia by members of a Navy SEAL Team Six unit offers insight into the effective use of targeted U.S. military missions.
Filthy Rich
Author: James Patterson, John Connolly
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 031636245X
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-10-10
View: 639
Read: 288
A shocking true crime tale of money, power, and sex from the world's #1 thriller writer. Jeffrey Epstein rose from humble origins to the rarefied heights of New York City's financial elite. A college dropout with an instinct for both numbers and people, Epstein amassed his wealth through a combination of access and skill. But even after he had it all, Epstein wanted more. And that persistent desire-especially for young girls-led to his stunning fall from grace. From the girls he employed as masseuses to the cops investigating the appalling charges against him, Filthy Rich examines the dark side of a man that scandalized one of America's richest communities. This explosive true story is a riveting account of wealth, power and the influence they bring to the American justice system.
Network Nature
Author: Richard Coyne
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350029491
Pages: 264
Year: 2018-04-05
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How do people avoid the stresses of the digital age? Urban dwellers must now turn to nature to recover, restore and rebalance after the stresses brought on by relentless digital connectivity. It is easy to task nature as the cure, with technology as the ailment. In Network Nature, Richard Coyne challenges the definitions of both the natural and the artificial that support this time-worn narrative of nature's benefits. In the process, he attacks the counter-claim that nature must succumb to the sovereignty of digital data. Covering a spectrum of issues and concepts, from big data and biohacking to animality, numinous spaces and the post-digital, he draws on the rich field of semiotics as applied to natural systems and human communication, to enhance our understanding of place, landscape and architecture in a digital world.
The Sealwoman's Gift
Author: Sally Magnusson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1473638976
Pages: 352
Year: 2018-02-08
View: 546
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A Zoe Ball ITV Book Club Pick 'Sally Magnusson has taken an amazing true event and created a brilliant first novel. It's an epic journey in every sense: although it's historical, it's incredibly relevant to our world today. We had to pick it' Zoe Ball Book Club ***SHORTLISTED FOR THE HWA DEBUT CROWN 2018 & THE SALTIRE LITERARY AWARD FOR BEST FICTION*** 'A remarkable feat of imagination ... I enjoyed and admired it in equal measure' Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent 'A powerful tale of Barbary pirates ... richly imagined and energetically told.' Sunday Times - 100 Best Books to Read This Summer 'Engrossing' Sunday Express 'Fascinating ... a really, really good read' BBC R2 Book Club 'The best sort of historical novel' Scotsman 'A lyrical tale' Stylist 'A poetic retelling of Icelandic history' Daily Mail 'Compelling stuff' Good Housekeeping 'An extraordinarily immersive read ... examining themes of motherhood, identity, exile and freedom' Guardian 1627. In a notorious historical event, pirates raided the coast of Iceland and abducted 400 people into slavery in Algiers. Among them a pastor, his wife, and their children. In her acclaimed debut novel Sally Magnusson imagines what history does not record: the experience of Asta, the pastor's wife, as she faces her losses with the one thing left to her - the stories from home - and forges an ambiguous bond with the man who bought her. Uplifting, moving, and witty, The Sealwoman's Gift speaks across centuries and oceans about loss, love, resilience and redemption. Chosen for the BBC Radio 2 Book Club (a really, really, good book) and the ITV Zoe Ball/Specsavers Book Club (the quality of the writing is amazing). 'Icelandic history has been brought to extraordinary life... An accomplished and intelligent novel' Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, author of Why Did You Lie? 'Vivid and compelling' Adam Nichols, co-translator of The Travels of Reverend Ólafur Egilsson
Fur-clad Adventurers
Author: Zachariah Atwell Mudge
Pages: 342
Year: 1880
View: 682
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