Selbstwerdung Und Personalitaet Spaetantike Philosophie Und Ihr Einfluss Auf Die Moderne Tria Corda Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Selbstwerdung und Personalität
Author: Theo Kobusch
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161555090
Pages: 468
Year: 2018-02-12
View: 253
Read: 819

A Theology of Higher Education
Author: Mike Higton
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 019964392X
Pages: 284
Year: 2012-03-15
View: 1068
Read: 283
Provides a constructive critique of Higher Education policy and practice from the standpoint of Christian theology. He focuses on the role universities can and should play in forming students and staff in intellectual virtue, in sustaining vibrant communities of inquiry, and in serving the public good.
The ‘New Testament’ as a Polemical Tool
Author: Hagit Amirav, Riemer Roukema
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3647593761
Pages: 264
Year: 2018-02-19
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This volume contains papers on the ancient Christian use of potentially anti-Jewish New Testament texts. Martin Albl gives a general introduction to the opinions that ancient Christian authors held on Jews and Judaism. James Carleton Paget focuses on the Epistle of Barnabas and its critical position towards the Jewish religion. Wolfgang Grünstäudl discusses Justin Martyr’s non-reception of two apparently anti-Jewish texts: Matt 27:25 (“His blood be on us and on our children”) and John 8:44 (“You are from your father the devil”). Harald Buchinger analyses Melito of Sardes’ Paschal homily, in which the Jews are blamed for the death of Christ. Riemer Roukema and Hans van Loon investigate, respectively, Origen’s and Cyril of Alexandria’s use of NT texts in relation to the Jews and their Scriptures. Hagit Amirav and Cornelis Hoogerwerf focus on the form of polemical discourses in Diodore of Tarsus, Theodore of Mopsuestia, and John Chrysostom. Maya Goldberg studies Theodore of Mopsuestia’s ideas on divine paideia in his commentary on Paul’s epistle to the Galatians, and his view that the NT was intended to finalize – not replace – the Old Testament. Alban Massie focuses on Augustine’s interpretation of John 1:17, “The Law was given through Moses, grace and the truth came through Jesus Christ.” Brian Matz deals with Jesus’ warning against the leaven, i.e. teaching, of the Pharisees (Matt 16:6, 12), and Martin Meiser focuses on patristic reception of Matt 27:25. By way of comparison with ecclesiastial authors, Gerard Luttikhuizen deals with the alleged anti-Jewish interpretation of Scripture in Gnostic texts. This volume demonstrates that potentially anti-Jewish texts were indeed used against Jews, but also toward Christians, sometimes without applying them to Jews.
The Lyons
Author: Nicky Silver
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
ISBN: 1559367261
Pages: 96
Year: 2013-01-01
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"Comedy nirvana . . . satisfyingly mean and funny."—New York Post "Without sacrificing his mordant wit or bleak worldview, this distinctive dramatist shows a new maturity and empathy in."?The New York Times "Nicky Silver's terrific play is filled with moments when you can't stop laughing even though the circumstances indicate you really shouldn't. . . . A wonderful little riff on family dysfunction."?Associated Press "Silver finds plenty of fresh bite, and the sheer savagery of his observation here is breathtaking. Watching it brings the dueling sensations of wicked mirth and squirming discomfort at being trapped in the hell of someone else's family horrors. That these are exaggerations of our own is what gives the play its teeth."—The Hollywood Reporter This vicious, hilarious black comedy opened on Broadway in April 2012 to rave reviews. Nicky Silver, that "strange progeny of a coupling between Mr. Neil Simon and Edward Albee" (The New York Times), has cornered the market on deliciously savage dysfunctional family comedies. Following an acclaimed run Off-Broadway, this intimate and frightening examination of how we cope with loneliness and disappointment currently delights audiences on Broadway. Rita Lyons is the matriarch of a family facing a major crossroads. Her husband, Ben, is dying and her grown children are struggling. As the family gathers in Ben's hospital room, they discover that they're as terrified of being together as they are of being alone.
Muslim Schools and Education in Europe and South Africa
Author: Abdulkader Tayob, Inga Niehaus, Wolfram Weisse
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 3830975546
Pages: 196
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The Early Karl Barth
Author: Paul Silas Peterson
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161553608
Pages: 488
Year: 2018-04-06
View: 369
Read: 569
"Paul Silas Peterson presents Karl Barth (1886-1968) in his sociopolitical, cultural, ecclesial, and theological contexts from 1905 to 1935. In the foreground of this inquiry is Barth's relation to the features of his time, especially radical socialist ideology, WWI, an intellectual trend that would later be called the Conservative Revolution, the German Christians, the Young Reformation Movement, and National Socialism."--From back of book.
Apocalyptic Thinking in Early Judaism
Author: Cecilia Wassen, Sidnie White Crawford
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004358382
Pages: 236
Year: 2018-03-13
View: 645
Read: 354
In Apocalyptic Thinking leading experts critically engage with John Collins’ seminal study The Apocalyptic Imagination and advance the debate on ancient Jewish apocalyptic with articles on current topics with a special focus on the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Both Judge and Justifier
Author: James B. Prothro
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161561163
Pages: 293
Year: 2018-04-13
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Paul often says that God "justifies" people in Christ, but what does that mean God does? The language appears legal, but many other interpretations have been suggested. BEginning from the use of this language in Judaism and early Christianity, James B. PRothro investigates biblical legal conflicts and the terminology of "justification" in Paul s letters to determine what it means for Paul to say that God as judge is the "justifier" of those who trust in Christ.
Becoming Interreligious
Author: Ephraim Meir
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 3830980809
Pages: 248
Year: 2017
View: 587
Read: 1330
The present volume contains reflections on the desirability and even the necessity of the interreligious dialogue and of dialogical theology in an increasingly globalized world. A kaleidoscope of various religions, each with its own specificity and cultural singularity, characterizes plural, open societies. In this constellation, encounters with religious others allow us to reimagine and reconfigure our religious singularity. In the process of becoming interreligious, one dynamically and creatively shapes one's particularity in communication with others. The nightmare of a homogeneous society where the other has no place at all receives its alternative in the vision of a growing community in which one's cultural and religious identity is formed, affirmed, and transformed in dialogue with others. Meir, Ephraim, Prof. Dr. ist Professor für moderne jüdische Philosophie an der Bar-Ilan Universität in Ramat Gan, Israel, und arbeitet seit 2014 regelmäßig zweimal im Jahr als 'Emmanuel-Lévinas-Gastprofessor für jüdische Dialogstudien und interreligiöse Theologie' an der Akademie der Weltreligionen der Universität Hamburg. Schwerpunkte: moderne jüdische Philosophie, dialogisches Denken, interreligiöse Theologie.
Religions and Dialogue
Author: Wolfram Weiße, Katajun Amirpur, Anna Körs, Dörthe Vieregge
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 3830980361
Pages: 321
Year: 2014
View: 254
Read: 344
Responding to plurality is a demanding task. Nonetheless it is one of the challenges that European countries are facing today. Over the past decades, the social and religious make-up of Central Europe has changed, and this has led to resentment and fears of mass immigration, social disintegration and the emergence of parallel societies. However, we also find empirical proof that prejudice is lowest where there is direct contact. Therefore, there appears to be an increasing need for more dialogue in order to make the stranger less strange, the unknown known, the other no longer entirely other. This is equally true in academic research: There is a definite need, yet research on questions of interreligious dialogue remains in its infancy throughout the various disciplines engaged in it. The project 'Religion and Dialogue in Modern Societies' (ReDi) that started at the Academy of World Religions at the Hamburg University in 2011 seeks to contribute to remedying this deficit. Like the ReDi-Project, this book looks at dialogue from different perspectives. It includes both theoretical and empirical approaches as well as a variety of theological viewpoints on a theology of plurality and dialogue from the perspective of different religions.
1919 – The Year That Changed China
Author: Elisabeth Forster
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110558297
Pages: 258
Year: 2018-03-05
View: 252
Read: 1245
The year 1919 changed Chinese culture radically, but in a way that completely took contemporaries by surprise. At the beginning of the year, even well-informed intellectuals did not anticipate that, for instance, baihua (aprecursor of the modern Chinese language), communism, Hu Shi and Chen Duxiu would become important and famous – all of which was very obvious to them at the end of the year. Elisabeth Forster traces the precise mechanisms behind this transformation on the basis of a rich variety of sources, including newspapers, personal letters, student essays, advertisements, textbooks and diaries. She proposes a new model for cultural change, which puts intellectual marketing at its core. This book retells the story of the New Culture Movement in light of the diversifi ed and decentered picture of Republican China developed in recent scholarship. It is a lively and ironic narrative about cultural change through academic infi ghting, rumors and conspiracy theories, newspaper stories and intellectuals (hell-)bent on selling agendas through powerful buzzwords.
Christian Women in the Patristic World
Author: Lynn H. Cohick, Amy Brown Hughes
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 1493410210
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-08-22
View: 346
Read: 1316
From facing wild beasts in the arena to governing the Roman Empire, Christian women--as preachers and philosophers, martyrs and empresses, virgins and mothers--influenced the shape of the church in its formative centuries. This book provides in a single volume a nearly complete compendium of extant evidence about Christian women in the second through fifth centuries. It highlights the social and theological contributions they made to shaping early Christian beliefs and practices, integrating their influence into the history of the patristic church and showing how their achievements can be edifying for contemporary Christians.
How Gender Shapes the World
Author: Distinguished Professor and Director of the Language and Culture Research Centre Alexandra Y Aikhenvald
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019872375X
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-10-04
View: 335
Read: 705
This is a book about the multi-faceted notion of gender. Gender differences form the basis for family life, patterns of socialization, distribution of tasks, and spheres of responsibilities. The way gender is articulated shapes the world of individuals, and of the societies they live in. Gender has three faces: Linguistic Gender-the original sense of 'gender'-is a feature of many languages and reflects the division of nouns into grammatical classes or genders (feminine, masculine, neuter, and so on); Natural Gender, or sex, refers to the division of animates into males and females; and Social Gender reflects the social implications and norms of being a man or a woman (or perhaps something else). Women and men may talk and behave differently, depending on conventions within the societies they live in, and their role in language maintenance can also vary. The book focuses on how gender in its many guises is reflected in human languages, how it features in myths and metaphors, and the role it plays in human cognition. Examples are drawn from all over the world, with a special focus on Aikhenvald's extensive fieldwork in Amazonia and New Guinea.
Ireland and the Reception of the Bible
Author: Bradford A. Anderson, Jonathan Kearney
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567680770
Pages: 416
Year: 2018-04-19
View: 987
Read: 832
Drawing on the work of leading figures in biblical, religious, historical, and cultural studies in Ireland and beyond, this volume explores the reception of the Bible in Ireland, focusing on the social and cultural dimensions of such use of the Bible. This includes the transmission of the Bible, the Bible and identity formation, engagement beyond Ireland, and cultural and artistic appropriation of the Bible. The chapters collected here are particularly useful and insightful for those researching the use and reception of the Bible, as well as those with broader interests in social and cultural dimensions of Irish history and Irish studies. The chapters challenge the perception in the minds of many that the Bible is a static book with a fixed place in the world that can be relegated to ecclesial contexts and perhaps academic study. Rather, as this book shows, the role of the Bible in the world is much more complex. Nowhere is this clearer than in Ireland, with its rich and complex religious, cultural, and social history. This volume examines these very issues, highlighting the varied ways in which the Bible has impacted Irish life and society, as well as the ways in which the cultural specificity of Ireland has impacted the use and development of the Bible both in Ireland and further afield.
Author: Catherine M. Chin, Caroline T. Schroeder
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520292081
Pages: 344
Year: 2016-10-31
View: 1114
Read: 237
Melania the Elder and her granddaughter Melania the Younger were major figures in early Christian history, using their wealth, status, and forceful personalities to shape the development of nearly every aspect of the religion we now know as Christianity. This volume examines their influence on late antique Christianity and provides an insightful portrait of their legacies in the modern world. Departing from the traditionally patriarchal view, Melania gives a poignant and sometimes surprising account of how the rise of Christian institutions in the Roman Empire shaped our understanding of women’s roles in the larger world.